General rules for the forum
  1. Language
    The forum communications and ad posting are allowed only in English language. Communication in other languages is allowed in local section or private conversations.
  2. Posting
    New topics or posts have to be relevant to forum section or topic, in which these publications will be posted.
  3. UTFSE
    A forum members have to independently review and check already posted information in the forum before make a new post in order to avoid duplicates. Use The *****ing Search Engine (UTFSE)
  4. A good chemist is an accurate chemist
    If a forum member posts information about syntheses, he has to be as accurate as possible, post all details (time, temperature, yield, etc.).
It is strictly forbidden on the forum!
  1. Any attempts to personal meetings, de-anonymization of users will be stopped by the administration with help of a meeting initiator's account ban
  2. Discussing/selling/buying or even thinking about guns, *****, malware, poisons, murder (including suicide methods and techniques) are strictly prohibited. Violence and aggression against any person are also prohibited.
  3. It is prohibited to list or/and sell products that are not directly or indirectly related to psychoactive substances syntheses.

    Poisons and deadly hazardous substances, as well as substances from the following list:
    Fentanyl and its analogues, nitazenes like phenacetin, xylazine, protonitazene, etonitazene, N-desmethyl isotonitazene and etc..

  4. The Seller has no right to refuse the buyer to use escrow, just as it has no right to ask, under any pretext, to pay part of the order price directly, bypassing escrow.
  5. Attempts to harm anyone
  6. Spam, Flood
  7. A duplicate messages posting in private messages and in public sections, which have similar meaning, a same type of questions.
  8. Any aggression towards other users
Business rules
  1. How to start selling

    If you decide to sell goods or services on the Forum, the first thing you have to do is to post your goods in Reagents & Equipment or BB Market and get New Seller status. After 3 success escrow deals on the BB Forum, New Seller status is changed to Seller status.
    You can get manufacturer status in case you are producing it by your own.

    Read how to become a manufacturer here -->>

  2. Escrow

    BB Forum administration is not responsible for the activities of the sellers who post ads. Use automatic BB Escrow service to make safe deals. Otherwise you can lose your money.
    Figure out how to use BB Escrow service -->>

    The Seller has no right to refuse the buyer to use escrow, just as it has no right to ask, under any pretext, to pay part of the order price directly, bypassing escrow.
  3. Moderation of new items
    • One product = one ad. You can't add one ad with a products list.
    • Your ads must include a photo of the product with the current date, the seller's username, and the forum name.
    • The ad must contain a detailed description of your product, its characteristics.
    • The ad must contain detailed information about delivery terms.
    • Ads must not include contacts for communication outside the forum.
    • All ads are moderated before being posted. Please, contact BB Forum administration in case your ad was not posted.
    • BB Forum administration may refuse to post your ad without giving reasons.
    • Ads, which are not intended to build stable sales via BB Forum, also will not be posted. It means occasional deals like: "I have 10L of methylamine, I want to sell".
    • All BB Forum members can use BB Escrow for trading.
    • The cost to list items in Reagents & Equipment is $10 per listing
    • Drug Market listings are free of charge
  4. Teamwork
    One vendor can have only one account. No more. Companies can work from one account as well. Companies can register here for 300$/month (optional) in order to have "company name" status. In case of one year prepayment, companies are allowed to have up to 5 employees.
  • Free product samples

    Testing products from new vendors and manufacturers.

    Get free samples for testing now!

  • Always stay in touch with BB forum. Element/Matrix.

    Connect notifications to always stay in touch with the forum!