Has anyone got a solid, proven synthesis of n,n-DET from tryptamine?


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Dec 2, 2023
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It’s all really in the title but honestly, I’d be interested in any of the primary tryptamines that could be made from tryptamine - other than n,n-DMT.

Iv been successful at DMT synthesis from tryptamine - which is nice, first full drug synthesis. It’s a nice feeling - different to that of extracting, particularly as most people just simply wouldn’t know the difference!

Anyway, if I can’t make anything else in small amounts to try for the first time then I will make a large amount and sell to fund my next project and maybe even a rotovap because I’m super lazy and would like to order less chems as well as doing less distillations!

Anyway yeh I have a lot of tryptamine left so….yeah lol

I sort of forgot how much DMT is actually worth. It may just be worth me turning it all into DMT as tryptamine is really easy come easy go lol

I’m counting on clever guys. I do have a rotary vane pump now so I can pull a small vacuum around 1tor or just over so i guess that opens up new distillation possibilities but I could be wrong and it may make no difference haha
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