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  • Greetings my friend this is your old man out of the Southwest I was just wondering see if there's anything you'd you like analyzed in vitro or otherwise NMR if you like that require a little bit of sneaking but at least TLC I he said little to no bearing on what others think of a substance but it is fun for me s
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    Go ahead and PM me whenever it's convenient
    Hello, I would like to be part of the rc test squad. I have tons of experience with pretty much every popular rc there has ever been

    What kind of substance do you want to try?
    Mostly stimulants, cathinones, amphetamines etc. But down to try anything

    Do you have an idea of the substance you want to test?A-pihp or a-pvp if they're ever around. 4mmc, any FA or FMAs

    What country will it be shipped to?
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