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Next, L-tert-leucinamide hydrochloride 52g is added and stirred until complete dissolution.
Then, hydroxybenzotriazole hydrate (HOBT*H2O) 48g is poured in the mixture and stirred until complete dissolution.
Following step, 1-ethyl-3-carbodiimide (EDC*Hcl) 82g is added and stirred until complete dissolution.
Triethylamine 100g is poured into the drip funnel and added dropwise with constant stirring (the mixture is turning cloudy).
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Is the 1HOBt EDC coulple mandatory or can other carboxyl activating group be involved with success?
DCC is the normal way to go but then again I would rather scale down the procedure at least 10 % before trying out a different activator and it makes sense to try out with EDC as reference for comparison.
This is beautiful. I wish i knew more about how atoms bonded to form consciousness and consciousness altering substanced.
I shed a tear for the sheer beauty of this.
Thank you for making this video.
Can you speak from the bottom of your heart, can anyone explain how to make the final ingredients into tobacco?
How do you mix ADB-PINACA into tobacco? what mixture do you use?
I hope that tomorrow G. Patton will make a video tutorial.
Thank you for everything

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Synthesis of Cannabinoids
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